The more of us there are the higher our level of representation and our capacity to work and make proposals. Therefore KARRASKAN is open to professionals from the fields of culture, creation and creativity in the Basque Autonomous Community who have an interest in contributing collectively, in a proactive, responsive and collaborative way, to the development of a rich, diverse, creative and sustainable sociocultural ecosystem.

Conditions and advantages of being a partner:
In order to join it is necessary to make a written application and to have the endorsement of two agents that already belong to the association. Once the application has been accepted by the Governing Board, in order to obtain the full category of partner the annual fee of €150 must be made effective.

Being a partner of KARRASKAN involves:

  • Participating in the development of the strategic lines and activities of KARRASKAN taking an active part in the different Working Groups and/or the Governing Board.
  • Participating in the decision-making, attending the assemblies.
  • Having available updated information regarding the association’s activity and the development of the different activities.