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WikiToki is an experimental process in and of itself. It is a Research and Development laboratory around social / cultural / economic / political matters that are connected by collaborative practices as a common thread. Wikitoki is a community of practice, action and reflection. It is an ongoing training process of research, conceptualisation, prototyping and co-creation. Wikitoki is a place for PRODUCTION (creation, work, activism, research), RE-PRODUCTION (social, relational) and CULTURAL DISSEMINATION (education, exhibition). Wikitoki is a meeting place within a network of spaces, initiatives and programs, where physical and digital dimensions connect.


WikiToki is a place for experimenting around new ways of dealing with relationships, organization, research, creation, production and consumption. WikiToki’s activities focus on proposals with social, economical, urban, cultural and political implications that are developed through the mixture of disciplines and the activation of co-creation and active participation of citizens and organizations. WikiToki designs and develops projects, organizes workshops, seminars, congresses and different types of educational and public activities. Wikitoki promotes meetings, articulates dynamics and facilitates synergies; it accompanies and gets implicated in emergent initiatives; it conducts research and releases publications.


Co-creation, hybridization, P2P, commons, entrepreneurship and social economy, open enterprise, artistic practices, applied creativity, collaborative consumption, participatory urbanism, community development, social technologies, digital fabrication, expanded education, design thinking, anthropological doing, social psychology, digital narratives…

Plaza La Cantera, 5 – 2º 48003 Bilbao