KARRASKAN defends the value of culture, creation and creativity as mechanisms of transformation, capable of generating dynamics of renewal in cultural, social, economic and political systems. More specifically this is summarised in the following goals:


To become an instrument of collective communication and representation before different public and private bodies, as well as before agents from other sectors and other networks. Its vocation is to have an impact on the legislation, the policies and plans related to culture and/or creativity as strategic sectors, promoting models of support for creation and cultural initiatives of public interest.


To promote policies and initiatives that link culture and creativity with research and innovation. To pay special attention to the more experimental, emergent, transformative projects with the capacity to cut across and hybridise languages, sectors and experiences, and to connect with community dynamics and economic and social agents of the context in which they take place.


To encourage collaboration, connection and exchanges between the agents that are part of KARRASKAN -among each other, with other similar cultural agents and with agents from other sectors-, fostering the creation of synergies, the development of cooperation mechanisms, the transfer of knowledge and mutual support in the fields of production, distribution, financing, communication, mobility, training, etc. And to establish relationships with other platforms, organisations and networks at an autonomous community, state, European and international level.

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