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Logo KunArte



A Centre dedicated to Artistic Innovation and Early Years. A Factory for Creation. A crib to pamper, rock and accommodate children and the adults accompanying them (parents, educators and artists ) in their encounter with art. Our experience in the field of early childhood shows us a path of cultural intervention that places these young citizens at the centre of the artistic creation and cultural habit activities.
KunArte is a creative crib created to make it possible to bring up new and singular children. Because a crib is a small space (the first space that human beings occupy) that symbolically represents the place where utopia always has an opportunity.


Channelling our activities into 4 lines that, if they were drawn, could be the 4 legs of a crib:

  1. Line 1: support for artistic projects in the process of being created, with residencies and accompaniments.
  2. Line 2: work with professionals linked to education and culture.
  3. Line 3: weekly workshops for children aged 3-6 which, during a year, are an approach to different artistic languages and other fields of knowledge (science, technology,…).
  4. Line 4: schedules for the family (ages 1-6) which we propose for some weekends and holidays.


Early Childhood; Creation; Innovation; Development of Audiences; Networks.


Irene Basilio Intxausti
Communication and Public Relations
945 289 323
Pilar López
Project Development
+34 945 289 323
 Abetxuko Pueblo 14
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