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Garaion is a creative space in Basque language that promotes creative processes, research and experimentation by artists and creators to share them with the community, in order to socialise the creative experience and promote the development of creative capacity in the Basque language, thus enriching the collective Basque imagination and Basque culture in the field of creation. It is located 15 km from Vitoria, in an unparalleled natural setting.

We have three pillars:

Garaion has three lines of work:


At Garaion, we offer stays or spaces for creators in the plastic, performance, bertsolaris, literary, storytelling and circus arts, among others, as well as for social organisations that wish to experience artistic creation, on their own or as part of a group. We give priority to area, emerging and women artists, and above all, people who want to create in Basque. At the same time, we want to create a network of artists and creators in Basque that brings together all of the greater Basque Country Region, Euskal Herria. Our discipline is land art and group work or Auzolan (literally, neighbourhood labour), offering specific activities every year, such as international meetings, courses, research groups or specific stays.

We share all of this with the community; Barrundia, La Llanada, Debagoiena and Vitoria, which is home to our audience and with whom we share everything that is produced, researched or experimented with in-house. We are thrilled to organise activities that offer creative experiences to children, young people, women, migrants, retirees, disabled persons and members of disadvantaged sectors in our area.


Creativity, Creation, Basque and Alavese artists, Land art, Naturart, Auzolanartea, Social heritage, Basque language, Feminism, Modern basket weaving, agro-art or rural art


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