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AZALA is a place for meetings and exchanges between artists, creators, activists and thinkers. Dance and performing arts are the epicentre of this place, its shockwave extends to and pierces with naturalness and promiscuity other artistic disciplines, as well as other nomenclatures such as performing arts, body arts, living arts.


AZALA offers a residence for the artists, creators, thinkers, activists that require space and time of concentration for the development of a creative process and/or a research process. To establish complicities and lines of continuity with resident artists, to define depending on the features of each project, the time and regularity of the stay, to cross residencies in the same period of time, to open a dialogue among resident artists, other artists and people from the local scene, and to share and confront the processes of creation and/or research with an external critical perspective in what we call ATE IREKIAK, or open sessions, are some of the conditions to house the resident projects.


Creation, investigation, performing arts, connections


Idoia Zabaleta Lasierra (municipio de Ribera Alta, Cuadrilla de Ayala)
 665 705 136