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ANTespacio is an association that creates experimental projects within cultural production, linking them to the everyday. We seek to explore new possibilities for specific projects that take into account the current context both spatially and temporally. We want with our proposals generate discussion that  lead the public  to have different points of views, creating meeting spaces . We are interested in the interaction and the different social changes that may occur in the environment where we work. In ANTespacio we have several lines of work but all these aspects are always present in our projets. The group is formed by Melodie Martin, Damian Rodriguez and Laura DíezBitamine Faktoria is a project run by the Artists Association Artitadetó.


ANTespacio realizes projects in different formats always working without having our own space. We collaborate with other collectives to develop projects linked to contemporary culture that are created from processes and dialogues with all parts. We do festivals, publications, workshops, tours, projects with companies … always with the idea of disclosure, to generate critical thinking and breaking boundaries between public and creator. We open new possibilities using culture as a tool, one of our lines of work is Tras_lacultura that is specifically focused on developing cultural projects with companies. Culture as a business marketing strategy but also as a form of social transformation, link to education and sustainable development. We consider culture as a transversal issue to all fields that add value.


Society, culture, disclosure, specificity, transformation, context.


 Teléfono: 687680952    Web Colectivoant