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“Katapulta” is a platform for the search, development and promotion of creative talents, based on the connection between agents from different disciplines and public and private entities, which enables the development to the full creative potential of our environment.ImagenColaborabora

The Katapulta platform is a project promoted by the Buenawista Prolleckziom’s Musical Association, an entity created in the year 1988 at the squat in the Buenawista neighbourhood of San Sebastian, the birthplace of the Basque punk-rock scene.
The association was originally formed by musicians with very different professional profiles and this multidisciplinarity has allowed us to have, as a collective, a broad vision of the cultural and creative panorama of our surroundings, and to perceive the difficulties found by creative artists when trying to materialise their initiatives.


The project consists of looking for people with ideas and talent, with energy and ability to innovate; to find those matchlights when they are still burning, before they fade away due to difficulties or a lack of resources; to achieve that along with other matchlights they can kindle a fire capable of moving a machine that leads to brilliant projects, which generate value, employment, companies; to provide visibility to these projects, to “catapult them” into the world, and integrate their participants in a global network. To do so the aim is to identify and facilitate access to the large amount of resources available in our surroundings, whether they are personal or material, public or private, and which are currently scattered or are not easily accessed by creative artists, so we prevent their energy from being lost on tasks not related to their talent.


Trawl, promote, connect and communicate (talent)


Asociación Musical Buenawista
 Calle Catalina de Eleizegi, 44- 20009 Donostia