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Sarean is a neighbourhood meeting place open to all types of cultural expression, managed by the Espacio Plaza Cultural Association.
Its aim is to work for coexistence and social cohesion through cultural actions.
Its history dates back several decades; it is the fruit of communication among many different creative and charitable agents in the San Francisco-Old Bilbao -Zabala area of influence. The nerve centre of Sarean is its premises located in Corazón de Maria Square.


It is a recreational area that is both experimental and educational, hosting sociocultural programming designed through public participation, as well as a restaurant-bar with a culinary offering that reflects the cultural diversity of the surrounding area.
Sarean proposes a collaborative model involving public, community and private ventures. The Espacio Plaza Cultural Association is in charge of promoting and coordinating the project. Espacio de Sarean is the owner of municipal housing, the transfer of use of which is provided for through an agreement with Bilbao Ekintza.
The bar and restaurant are operated through the company Bilbao3, thanks to an agreement with Espacio Plaza. 10% of their revenue is earmarked for the association, to ensure the ongoing generation of resources for cultural activities.


Community culture, participatory culture, new management models, access to culture.